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    Is your CM also your System Admin?


      I am wondering who out there is an Internal / Enterprise CM and also a System Admin for their Jive instance? And if so, are there any advantages to being both? We are plannning on rolling out our first ever instance of Jive in April/May. I am currently the ECM for our wiki (on Confluence) and I am also a Confluence Admin. While I don't do anything technical, being a Confl. Admin does allow me to help members in certain ways (I can see all their content regardless of how they set their permissions, I can manually add members so they have access, I can add members to specific groups). I've read some of the Jive documentation & the Jive 5 System Admin training, but I'm still trying to figure out how pertinent it would be for me to be a System Admin-- right now, we are not planning on it. Just thought I'd put this question out here in case there is some obvious reason to be both that I am missing. Would love to hear from others who have been there. thanks!

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          Nikki Bussard

          For us, all of the use cases you listed for Confluence apply for Jive. I can't imagine not having admin privileges as an ECM, but I know other companies do split them.

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            I am the CM and have always had full sys admin permissions. I find it essential to being able to know everything that is going on and to be able to help people. Even when we hired a System Administrator to join the team, I still have my sys admin permissions and we back each other up.

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                Thanks for the responses.


                Ted,  Can you give me an idea of what having SysAdmin permissions allows you to do?


                Paul,- are you able to share what some of those distinct responsibilities are? We are planning on breaking the roles out right now, but I am not really sure what that means.... of course, I could always be given sysadmin permissions, but someone else could also have sysadmin permissions and fulfill that role officially.

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                    Hi Melissa,


                    As the CM I am accountable for all that happens in the community. Sys admin permissions allow me to assist everyone, even those working in places with restricted access. That also gives me insight into *all* the ways people are using the site, which I otherwise would be blind to -- important both for sharing effective practices and for monitoring in case of inappropriate uses. It also means I can quickly do things for people when it makes more sense than trying to talk them through something -- sometimes it's just critical to get things done immediately and teach the "how to" later (say, for example, when the CEO needs help scheduling his blog post).

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                  Hey Melissa,


                  Congrats on implementing your first ever Jive instance.  It can be fun, stressful, and lots of "oh, wow" moments.


                  As for the distinction between sys admin and CM, we do have two different people fulfilling those roles on our team, with distinct responsibilities.  While the CM can update and make changes as needed, our sys admin works primarily on the technical administration, SSO, space administration, and security.  Permissions and layouts within the ecosystem is managed by the Inter


                  I couldn't imagine the core team not having full rights, it would create some hurdles in just trying to get things done.  But I also know that some companies do things differently when it comes to security.  Good luck with your roll out and feel free to connect if you want to share some of the oh, wow moments--and if you want to let loose on the stressful ones. 



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                    Hi, Melissa. For my company, I am the sole person responsible for our instance...the community manager, system admin, Jive liaison, etc. My manager is a back-up in case I'm on vacation or otherwise unavailable. We are a hosted internal community with just over 6,000 members and growing at a steady pace. My situation is a bit unique, as I have other job duties assigned to me that are seperate from our instance. However, I can definitely see the benefits and potential having someone dedicated full-time to the position would bring. Id we did have someone dedicated full-time, I would advocate for both myself and that person to have the same permissions across the board, as it's always helpful (and necessary) to have a back-up.


                    Since we are hosted (and I'm not well versed in techy stuff), we ask for guidance and assistance from Jive in implementing anything "technical" that is over our heads. Sometimes I have to ask for step-by-step instruction, but I'm okay with that, as it is an opportunity to learn something new.


                    Congrats on your new adventure!

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                      Hi Melissa/All -


                      I asked a related question recently and wanted to encourage you to check it out in case there's additional help you can mine there: https://community.jivesoftware.com/thread/171865


                      Best of luck! We launched just last week to ~4,500, and it's lots of fun so far...


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                        I am the CM for our jive instance.  I'm not the sys admin as there are several IT admins for providing supporting the platform, but I am a full access system admin myself.  Most of the time I am talking to people who are just beginning to start a group so it's set to secret while they work through designing something that will meet their goals and seeding some content/activity.  It would alot harder to provide guidance and tricks on customizing overview pages if I couldn't go look at what we'd talk about it advance.  It's possible if they invited me, but honestly I don't want to really join all the groups I help.

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                          Melissa - I am the community manager and also have system admin privileges. As some of them have already mentioned in this thread, it really helps to have a view into all the things going on in your community and as community manager the sys admin privileges come in very handy. Like most, I don't really get into the technical side of things, but with experience can do a fair bit of configuration related activity on the admin panel.


                          Having said this, we have been looking newer permission models that could further help not just the community manager but other community leads/ambassadors/power users. One of the issues at present is that for simple things like tagging content from any open groups/places is still possible only for group/place admins and system admins. Having many system admins means a lot of eyes on the private conversations happening on your Jive instance (e.g. the leadership/legal/finance groups). Here is the idea & discussion you may want to have a look at - Permissions & Permission Groups - More Granularity

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                            As principal Program Manager for the HP Jive implementation we have two people on the business side with full access to administer Jive SBS and an IT team who also has the same privileges. Although full administration privileges are available the scope of the responsibilities are mainly around managing the program and community development with access to the full admin console as a tool to work through daily activities, the IT organization and Jive PS/Engineering resources as needed. The actual "system administration" is handled by the IT team in partnership with the program leads. This means IT ensures the app servers, cache and DB's are operating as expected, security, authentication and so on... We are an on-premise installation so those resources are needed to keep the lights on for our use case.



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                              Hi Melissa! We currently have 3 sys admins who are also CMs. We have almost 50K users, so in addition to driving our own individual programs through the communities, we also collectively handle the issues that come in and work with JIVE to get them fixed. There are days where troubleshooting issues takes up 90% of my day and I wish that we had one dedicated person to do that job. But at the end of the day, it's not so bad.


                              I run a quarterly CM meeting for the dozen or so CMs that are not sys admins. I give them updates on bug fixes, new features, reporting, etc. Most are not technical, so they really just want a heads up on what we have planned for the tool.