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    privacy controls in Jive




      I'm pretty new to the Jive community and was wondering what are the control policies like here.


      For example, I might create a "secret group" and in it, create a discussion which is "open". Does that mean my discussion is open to everybody or only to the people in the secret group? Or if I were to comment on an "open discussion" created in a secret group, will my comment be open to everybody?



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          Curtis Gross

          Hi Esther,


          Jive allows you to create content within your personal container, where you can chose to have it be hidden to the rest of the world, shared with a few people, or completely open.


          You can create / move content into a 'place' (community, project, group) where that content now abides by the rules of the place.  So your once 'hidden' content, when moved into a secret group, is now just available to anyone within that secret group.  It can not be both hidden / private & live within the secret group, you must chose one.


          That make sense?