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    API to pull out custom profile fields from Jive


      JIve allows us to create custom profile fields but we're struggling to find an API that allows us to pull out these custom fields. Are we missing an easy way to pull this information out

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          Ryan Rutan

          Pull out?  Assume you mean read?  If so, use the UserProfileManager in concert with ProfileFieldManager to read the userProfile (map of fieldID,ProfileFieldValue)


          Hope this helps.  RR

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              Hey Ryan:


              I just found this thread.  I have a couple of questions.  I have a Jive partner that would like to use an HTML widget on the Home page to navigate a user to their "primary" group - which for this community would be a police department (Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, etc.) with one click.   See screenshot below:





              They are going to store this primary group in a custom profile field.   So, my questions:


              1)  Is this feasible (or even possible) within an HTML widget?  I know I'd first have to use one of the v2 or v3 of the APIs you mention above to pull this value from the profile field and then use that value to build a URL link.


              2)  If #1 is possible, should the custom profile field be defined as the group name or ID?  I know that the APIs return JSON objects wherein the ID of the group isn't the same ID that shows up in the UI.


              3)  Since this would only run when the user logged in, would I need to send the user credentials as part of the GET request?  Or would Jive already have that information available - could the script run using the credentials of the currently logged in user?



              Thanks for any advice/guidance you can provide.


              -Matt Richmond

              Jive Software

              Federal Sales Engineer

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                Hi Ryan Rutan


                I am trying to fetch the custom profile fields for a user, but I am unable to do so. We want to display a custom form to the user when they login and want them update their email address. The form will be displayed based on the value (Yes,NO) present in the profile field. To ensure the form is displayed for the first time for every user, we selected the default value as No. However when I try to fetch the profile fields using profilefieldsManager, I am unable to view the profile field in the MAP. I can see the profile field for the user who have selected Yes or No and have saved their profile. But for users who are trying to login for the first time, we are unable to fetch the profile field in the MAP. If I save the user profile through the admin console, I can then view the custom profile field with its value.



                Chetan Mahendru