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    Log in directly to a community using a form




      I'm trying to build a form that allows a user to login from an external page to a certain subspace in jive; something like this:


      <form action="http://my.jive.server/community/my-community/cs_login" method="post">

      <input name="username" />

      <input name="password" />

      <input type="submit" />



      This form would be placed the external page, users would enter their username and password an go directly to my-community. This used to work just fine in 4.5 but since we migrated to 5.0.2, it stopped working and we can't seem to get it straight for this version. The users get logged in but not redirected to the community, they stay in the default space, in their activity page.


      Any ideas on what we're doing wrong here?

      Thanks and regards,

      Eneko Gandiaga.