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    Anyone transition from Lotus Domino to Jive?


      Anyone transition from Lotus Domino to Jive or integrate Lotus Domino databases with Jive?


      If so how painful was it? 

      Was it a positive experience for the users?

      What level of training was required?

      Why Jive?


      Thank you, s

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          Ryan Rutan

          Might be better to talk a bit about the use-case.  What aspects or features are being "enabled" by Domino?  Are you suggesting QuickR => Jive?  What functionality are you looking to retain?

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              We have 2000+ Domino applications some of which are custom, we know that we need to find something else for these,  but the average DB is based on out of the box templates e.g. Mail, Team Room, Document library, etc...  We also have some Quickr but minimal compared to Domino.  The goal is to transition away from Domino and on to something else (TBD).  Ideally something like Jive could pick up or integrate most of the pieces of this new solution and carry the company into social age.


              Other points to consider: ECM integration, Third party access, SAP integration, Mobile device use (Apple and RIM devices), managed / hosted solution, individualized experience.



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              Hi Jeremy and welcome to the Jive Community. I work at Jive, and used to be a Notes developer and instructor in the '90s, with Whittman-Hart here in the Midwest. Please let us know if you'd like someone from Jive Professional Services to respond to your request - if anyone has migrated from .nsf databases to Jive, they would have been the ones to do it.


              Claire Flanagan and Murad Bangash both work in enterprises that use both Jive and Notes applications. Perhaps they can share some information with you.