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    Setup issue with password


      The German translation does display at the end of setup:

      "Ist dies eine neue Jive SBS-Installation, sind der aktuelle Benutzername und das aktuelle Passwort Admin. "

      That was at least wrong for me, the admin password was "admin" with a lower case a. So I'm posting in documentation, likely you can fix this. Please surround the password with quotes, "admin" is much more easier to understand and makes sure that the final dot is not copied.

      Benjamin Sherman

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          Can you give me a little more context? I'm not clear what the problem is and whether it's just in German UI text, or. . .

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              After the installation one does need to run the initial setup (/admin/... URL). One selects the database, user provider and finally also a new admin password. To change the default password one needs to enter it. On the screen one can read that the default password is Admin. Using "Admin" I could not finish the last setup step. I tried then "admin" and this did work fine.

              I assume that one did change "admin" to "Admin" in the German i18n file as it is a noun and German nouns always start with an upper case letter. Maybe you can check the other i18n files, if it's "Admin" in all files then it must be an issue with my unsupported (HSQLDB) database.