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Welcome to the Jive Community


You probably landed here b/c of a link that I dropped somewhere on the internets.

If you're looking to connect with me personally, leave a comment below (this is a blog post) or connect with me around this "series of tubes":

Twitter LinkedIn Foursquare Gowalla Facebook Wordpress Plancast Tumblr

If you're here to check out Jive Software take a look at the videos below.  We offer social business software (SBS) for internal and customer facing communities and a social media monitoring platform.

Here's our videos for SBS:

Check out our social media monitoring platform that ties into an internal community.  Feel free to ask me ANY questions about it as that's where I live.

If you want more information or would like to set up a demo, please message me personally here or any of the channels listed above.


Also, if you want to join our community, sign up above. 

I run a group called Social Media Minds  on it where we discuss all things social media.

Thanks again for stopping by - Mike Fraietta