Jive is introducing a new services offering, Managed Service Units (MSU) to all our customers.  An MSU provides customers pre-payment for Jive Professional Services hours at a discounted rate that can be redeemed anytime before the MSU expiration date for any available Jive Professional Service offering.  This enables customers to utilize hours across multiple projects and services through a single contracting/ procurement process.


MSU's can be redeemed on any offering that Jive Professional Services currently provides. As we identify new service offerings/resource types, they will be assigned an MSU conversation rate. Customers can cover multiple projects with one procurement cycle- whether scope is defined or not. MSU’s are available to any customers that buys the MSU package at which time you will chose a quarterly or annual expiration path. Jive will then provide you a quarterly report of MSU usage and your open balance. You can also contact your sales rep to confirm your balance at any point in time.