Ran into an issue where the timezones were not synced up. I worked pretty hard to get these instructions and thought it would be good to post them in my blog in case I needed them again sometime Here they are below.


1. [  ] On the server, the output to from the "date" command.

2. [  ] Time and time zone of the person that would download the ics file.

3. [  ] Screenshots of the Jive preferences from:

    a. [  ] Organizer

    b. [  ] Invitee

    To get this screenshot, please navigate to the user avatar on the top right and click Preferences





4. [  ] Screenshot of the Admin Console from System > Settings > Change Locale Settings


5. [  ] Screenshot of the System time from the invitee (so if on Windows, what it shows on the bottom right of the screen when clicking the time)

6. [  ] Have the Invitee provide File > Options > Calendar > Screenshot of the timezone