Sometimes Jive Support may request for you to capture network traffic in your respective browser and export them to a .har file to assist with debugging an issue. Below provides the steps in how to grab the .har files.


How to capture network traffic using Firefox and Firebug?

     1. Download and install Firebug: (in FireFox only)

          From (AMO( - Tools>Addons>Get Addons>Search["firebug"]

          From Firebug's releases page -


     2. An additional extension is needed for exporting all network Traffic – 'NetExport'. Download the latest stable version from

     3. After installing the two Firefox extensions, and after Firefox has been restarted, you should see the Firebug icon on the top right of your browser.

     4. Go to the page where the page is having issues. Click the Icon on the very top right of Firefox to display Firebug and click on "Net." From there you will want to click Enable. (Shown below).


     4. Click where you are attempting to load the content. Once the content tries to load, click "Export" next to "Persist" towards the top left within Firebug and click "Save As" to save the .har file.


     5. Upload the file to the Support case.