I’ve broken the cardinal sin I tell my community to try and avoid…don’t start a blog if you’re not going to have time to update it. Well the last few weeks have run away from me with the upgrade and planning a wedding. As fellow Jivers and community managers I’m sure you will forgive me.

Pearson is now exactly one week away from upgrade, as I write this I’m looking at the clock and thinking this time next week we will be preparing to wind Neo down and take her offline ahead of her big move to the Cloud.


How am I feeling? Strangely for me – rather calm, perhaps it is the amount of time we’ve been planning this upgrade and I just want it done? Perhaps it is because this is the first upgrade where I have a fully resourced team and not only a team but an awesome team. Or perhaps I’m just tired, tired of our community and even a few bumps in the road and frayed tempers next week will be better than looking at the same old home page we’ve had for over a year. Our community is ready for the changes and we’re almost ready to deliver that change…


I say almost because this week I have 13 meetings with the various comms leads to finalise the configuration for News and the final hurdle is providing me with a bit of a challenge. In my last blog I had settled on the following streams:

  • Pearson News
  • Business Unit News


We’ve made some adjustments and for go live we are going to have four streams:

  • John’s Blog
  • Pearson News
  • Your News
  • Neo News


Let me start with the easy ones, Your News is set by the users business unit in their profile they will get their business unit updates and the blog content from the corresponding L1 leader. This has been fairly simple for us to message and share with our communication partners. I met with two today and their questions were similar and they were happy with the outcome. They will be happier when we can add rules to add the L2 leaders and we plan to do this in the New Year.


Neo News is helping us transition the community to the Cloud we are using it to put our help and training material front and centre, our recent survey results told us we needed to do a better of advertising the materials we have created and so we feel a stream for Neo updates is important. This is also going to help us when we get regular Cloud updates, we can use this channel to inform and update the community.


Pearson News and John’s blog have been the areas where we’ve boggled and tried to come up with a single solution but so far we’ve been stumped and we’ve landed on having two.

Pearson News replaces our homepage slider, one news story every day from around the business, the level of importance varies from story to story, they’re important enough to be on our news page but we wouldn’t want them sent as a notification. John’s posts on the other hand are important and a big selling point for news is that we will post once on Neo and no longer need to send an email too. (more on this in a future post)


So John’s blog cannot be incorporated into Pearson News? Where do we put it? One option was to add John’s blog as a place to each of the business unit rules. This threw up an error I’m yet to get an answer on so i’m afraid to use it in case John’s blog posts don’t get through.


Then we thought about creating a stream for important messages the ones we want an email notification for? Great idea in theory but then that is another location we put content on Neo. And we create more confusion. Today we settled on the stream “John’s Blog” it will just include his blog posts, our CEO communicates regularly and his blogs are a great mix of stories of his experience in and outside of Pearson with colleagues, learners and customers we figured why not draw attention to it in the simplest way.


Of course with 7 days to go this is all subject to change and I still have 11 more meetings with my communication colleagues so watch this space…