Jive Scheduled Training is some of the best training I have received in my career of IT management, software development, and support. The courses are catered towards the Jive stakeholders of your organization, such as community managers, group owners, and others needing to administer Jive.


Jez Martin is concise, methodical, and he offers years of Jive experience with in-depth knowledge. He can help you understand what features are available in Jive and how they work. More importantly, he details that all-important question of "why?" regarding the intent of Jive features. So, if you find yourself wondering about the finer points of Jive and why 'this' or 'that' works the way it does, the Foundations courses are especially right for you.


If you're an Enterprise Community Manager and you want to be better at remembering all Jive has to offer, Jive Scheduled Training can help. There are six courses:

  • Two courses for the foundations needed for good community management (e.g. knowing the purpose of the different document types),
  • Two courses for advanced place management and permissions administration, and
  • Two advanced courses:
    • One for the advanced knowledge needed for an informed, powerful launch of a new Jive community, and
    • One for best practices of measuring and managing your community.


Check out the course descriptions at Jive Training Course Description. Each course builds on the course before it, maybe with the exception of the Measurement and Management course.


You may wish to check with your Account Manager to assure these training courses are available to you. Note that if you are a new Jive customer under the Jive New Customer Success program (i.e. "Jive NCS"), these training sessions are offered to you at no charge.