Jive is kicking off 2013 with some fantastic news. Starting today, PwC and Jive will jointly offer Jive's social business platform and PwC’s consulting services to the business market. 


Here’s why this is a perfect fit.  You start with PwC, whose mission is to help businesses run better and operate more efficiently.  Add to that, Jive’s social business platform, which changes the way people work – essentially putting a rocket-booster on collaboration, communications and productivity within organizations and ultimately delivering 15 percent more productivity. And what's even better is that PwC has first-hand knowledge on how to implement social platforms the right way to deliver real and measurable business results.


By teaming together, PwC can quickly and easily implement Jive within organizations worldwide, allowing their customers to collaborate more, communicate better, and get products to market faster in higher quality ways.


I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. You can read more about our announcement here.