TL;DR - there's amazing pics and a video below.  There's also a blog on a 'week in the life of a TAM' from my perspective.


The week's journal...


June 29th Monday:

Fellow TAM Matt Jaso and I travel to San Jose to visit one of Jive's partners.  With the help of Mike Klug, we treat a dozen or so colleagues to happy hour.  This builds rapport in a group that has a complex geography and operates throughout New York, Oregon, California, Hawaii, India, the UK, and more.


June 30th Tuesday:

Ofer, Dilshad, Bob Block, Rick Frantz, Mike Klug, Matt Jaso and I deliver a QBR with our partner.  The presentation is well paced, and kept to high-level strategic discussion.  All in all, a productive state of "continual improvement" is felt throughout the team.  My flight home was spent catching up on our 2015.2 release, delivered the weekend prior....


July 1st Wednesday:

A customer calls me first thing in the morning about an API issue recently discovered, preventing them from migrating upwards of 100 communities per week.  Their community managers are leaving their legacy social platform, and migrating to Jive.  When our API doesn't work, this customer is not able to migrate as quickly as desired to Jive.  As the day comes to an end, I realize I have PTO scheduled for Thursday and Friday.  I enlist the help of my partner in crime - Matt Jaso.  Matt and I work with engineering to put together a plan to fix the API issue in an upcoming release.


July 2nd Thursday - July 5th Sunday:

While the week was jam-packed in Jiveland, it is all worth it.  Because, this is my long weekend...


We settle down Thursday at our campsite just as the sun is setting.



Our view from camp Friday morning; the day's hike is out to the pillars jutting out of the ocean that you can see in the distance.



This is the payoff of the hike.  Unbelievable.  Just gorgeous in every single way... Can you spot the Bald Eagle?


Up close view of the tide pools.



View of one of the pools



We return to camp to settle down with Whiskey and Chocolate.  I may have had too much Whiskey...



We end the trip with another warm sunset.



Monday, July 6th

The 2015.2 release was packed with features and at least one tough bug.  I am excited to see our Chief Success Officer, Bob Block, working hand in hand with our Executive Vice President of Engineering, Ofer Ben-David.  Their focus: product quality and customer feedback The specified item was not found.


Tuesday, July 7th

As I write this, I find myself curious and excited about what the next week will bring.  Both out in the Wild, and here at Jive.  Thanks for reading, and happy trails to you!