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User Sync Plug-in Customization

  • Testing / NBN Feedback
  • Testing / NBN Feedback
  • Timeout and Other Issues Review Mtg
  • NBN regression testing




  • Final approval of the specification document received
  • NBN / Accenture team members will provide feedback in the Jive Customer Community in the NBN User Sync Plug-in Customization Issues Log.
  • Anil is in training next week (July 20-24)
  • Deployment to Production moved to Aug 24
  • All open issues marked as resolved
  • Outstanding question regarding the AD sync configuration changes. NBN hopes to test Fri or Mon, Jul 24 or 27 and report back.
  • If nothing further arises, final status meeting is scheduled for Jul 31.





Date Assigned
Assigned To
Date Due
1Post MS Project plan to the Jive Customer Community project6/3/2015Kate Billera6/5/2015Complete
2Identify possible times for weekly project status meetings6/3/2015Andrew Lukins6/8/2015Complete
3Identify an appropriate unique identifier that will be available in both Workday and Jive6/3/2015Tom6/8/2015Complete
4Create the design document for the User Sync Plug-in Customizations6/3/2015Chris Dempsey6/9/2015Complete
5Provide sample data file6/3/2015Ronie6/11/2015Complete
6Update the specification document to show responses to the two questions and the final field mappings6/12/2015D H6/12/2015Complete
7Present the specification document to Tom for review/approval6/12/2015Andrew Lukins6/12/2015Complete
8Provide Kate with a list of email addresses for NBN / Accenture team members who have not received access to the Jive Customer Community after registering6/12/2015Andrew Lukins6/15/2015Complete
9Confirm installation and testing progress with Anil6/26/2015Andrew Lukins6/29/2015Complete
10Confirm that he/we can blank out the Country address field.7/3/2015D H7/5/2015Complete - yes can be blank
11Deliver updated package with fixes for 1-3, 67/3/2015D H7/5/2015Complete
12Clarify #9 by listing the fields that will be from AD and those from Workday7/17/2015Andrew LukinsComplete
13Deliver updated package with fixes7/17/2015D H7/19/2015Complete



NBN team members: Andrew Lukins, Jessica Evans, Ronie Palima, Anil Lumburu

Jive Software team members: Kate Billera, D H, Javier Ferretty