Dear Jive,


When I was young I dreamed of a world where people could connect virtually yet in a very personal way. At home, I joined AOL, wrote hundreds of blog entries on MySpace, jumped onto Facebook to connect with family and friends, and Yelp reviewed almost every purchase I made. At work, I waited for the day when business would catch up with social.


The day you walked into my life was like any other day. I was trying to manage my projects with databases and file sharing sites with web pages laid on top. I was working with programmers and copying Wordpress templates to build a really a cool web site, but it felt like I was trying to make something awesome with Popsicle sticks and masking tape.

website under constr.jpg

Deep in my heart, I knew I was settling. The right platform was out there and it was up to destiny (or maybe some savvy IT developers) to bring us together.

As a representative of a key business case, I was asked to participate in a proof of concept for a system called Jive. You might accuse me of exaggerating, but I am fairly certain that when we met it was love at first sight. I was bouncing in my chair, ready to jump out of my seat, I could hardly believe my eyes. I was like a kid in a candy store.


candy.jpg And I really like candy...


You came into my life and turned it upside down. My projects took giant leaps into the future with social recognition and sharing. Employees suddenly had a voice and they wanted to talk. And I was there for it, leading the way. Lucky for me, I have a triad of super powers namely graphic design, instructional writing, and social butterflyism (yes, that is a super power in my book). I put them all to good use in building my proof-of-concept group.


From there, I wrote blogs about how it felt to be a creative person in a company of scientists. I wrote about taking risks in your job and about being truly empathetic at work. And people responded! They wrote back, they liked and shared. I met people from around the world that I will likely never meet in person. These people have helped me both in my job and in my personal and professional growth.


You might remember the time when we almost lost each other. The proof-of-concept was over and the company leaders needed to decide if you could stay or if you had to go. I wrote you a love letter then, too.

postcard jive 2.jpg Okay, so maybe it was a love postcard.


Lucky for us, the company adopted you and then they asked to me to be your bride... er, I mean, community manager. It's not like you need to put a ring on it or anything. You had me at hello.


In the time since, we've brought over 11,000 Jive babies into the world and we're raising them into social business advocates together. They grow up so fast, don't they?


My sweetest Jive, I look forward to a long and colorful life together. You've made me incredibly happy and I think it's fair to say you complete me. As a result of our relationship, I get to bring my full self to work and use all of my mad skills - even the creative and touchy-feely ones. I think that makes us the perfect couple. Don't you?


Faithfully yours...