imsis145-032-edited.jpgBusiness. It's such a loaded word. For me it conjures up images of men in grey-striped suits and women with massive shoulder pads. I picture imposing buildings and long hallways with doors labeled "Senior Executive This" and "Junior Account That."


Let's face it. Business has come a long way since the 1950s, 1980s, or heck, even the 2000s. We now live in a social world. And what that means for business is fewer walls (virtual or otherwise), more open communication, and more transparency for decisions and processes.


With the onset of social business a sense of the personal has been brought to work as well. By "personal" I don't necessarily mean that we hear more about how Timmy hit a home run at the latest Little League baseball game. No, by "personal" I mean we get to see more of the actual person inside the suit.


Between blogging, tweeting, and status updates, a sweet little thing snuck into business... let's call it soul. It's becoming more okay to take your whole self to work. All the things that make you uniquely you -- whether it's your ideals, your creative edge, your interests and passions -- are more accepted in a social business world.


It's a readily accepted fact that people are one of the most (if not THE most) important resources in a company. Source: ME. By encouraging people to bring their whole selves (and souls) to their blogs and discussions, we get to connect with people on a deeper level, discover what they truly care about and get behind them in a way never before possible. Anyone who is trying to get things done needs people to get behind them in a good way. Am I right?


160945425 edited.jpgIf I had a gauntlet, I'd throw it down.

I challenge all of you to bring a little soul to your social. The next time you comment or the next blog you post, write it like you'd say it if the people were in front of you.


Imagine looking into the eyes of your readers and saying what you mean. Leave out words like "ROI" and "core competency" and use words that everyone can understand. And don't be afraid to explain things in ways that might seem a little wacky. You can talk about expense controls until you're blue in the face, but explaining it using examples related to grocery shopping or beer budgets and people might have an easier time hearing what you've got to say.


Don't be afraid to drop a compliment or two. Pat someone on the back. Make them laugh.

It's all for the greater good.


Now go out and be so(ul)cial!


You see what I did there, right? Put the word "soul" into the word "social" even though it doesn't quite fit? I did it anyway. I think about 80% of people will get it and the rest of you will think I'm just weird. But I'm okay with that. I really am.