Well, I must be a typical American, trying to cram in four of the world's greatest cities in four days! This week, I have the great pleasure of working with a number of our partners and customers at the Architecture & Integration workshops in Munich, Cologne, Paris, and London. However, the only pictures I'll get to take are from the train! Yesterday, was our fist session in Munich. These are definitely workshops and we are using the Jive Developer Platform Point of View as a starting point for our discussions. We are fortunate enough to have Nils Heuer from Pokeshot join us as an invited presenter. Many of you, especially those in Germany, know Nils from his days as an SE at Jive. Since then, he's built a number of extensions to Jive using everything from plugins to add-ons.

We kicked off yesterday with a great session with customers who had a variety of Jive versions--everything from 5 - cloud! There were several that had deep customizations (plugins) that followed several of the patterns that we've started to detail in the From Plugins to Add-ons document. One of these extensions was added a new content type to Jive and we were able to talk through the work we did to integrate Producteev as an example of a "Remote Content Type".

Overall it was an exciting discussion (yes, I'm a geek) and everyone was able to see the vast strides in Jive's maturation as platform. I would like to give a special "Danke" to everyone who allowed this session to be done in English and put up with my poor attempts to speak German.