During last week's Webinar titled: Work Better Together and Drive Value with Social Collaboration - with MWD Advisors and Pearson, the multinational publishing and education company headquartered in London, we received a number of questions in relation to Kim England's in-depth presentation.  Below, please find the full list of Questions and Replies.


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AdoptionWhat is the adoption rate at Pearson?Pearson's Reply: Neo has reached 90% of our organisation but our regular user numbers are around 70-80% in a given month.
AdoptionHow are you planning to use gamification in the future? Are you still using Bunchball?Pearson's Reply: We use Bunchball for the gamification functionality within Neo. We use it in a number of ways, we have gamified using the platform; rewarding the behaviour we want to encourage. We run an API through our learning management system and offer points and badges for learning. Going forward we are exploring different ways we can use it to engage our colleagues with challenges, ideas and global initiatives. We have some awesome challenges and missions coming up in the next couple of months.
AdoptionCan you share your adoption rate- what % of contribution do you have in your company?Pearson's Reply: 70-80%
Adoption@KimEngland of your 40,000 users how many would you say are logging in on a regular basis? What's the ratio of registered users against active? And what is your top engagement tip for encouraging people to become active?Pearson's Reply: Our engagement levels are fairly consistent 70-80%. My top tip would be to make your platform the only place where people can get the information they are interested in or need to know. We still use email for important communications, we simply post the headline and then a link to the full communication on Neo.
AdoptionCould you tell us a bit more about the "barriers to collaborative innovation"? which are/were they? how did you addressed them?Pearson's Reply: I think the barriers we had were not being able to find people, skills or the experts to help move ideas forward. Neo has helped to remove this barriers. We are still always looking for ways that we can improve collaboration and innovation so we look outside to other companies to see what they are doing and learn from them.
AdoptionHow do you convince people to use it, how do you manage the change with reluctant people?Pearson's Reply: People will always see the benefit in something when they know what it is in it for them. I always try to make my conversations about the user not the platform so you can help understand their pain points, challenges and issues and then use the platform to help address some of these concerns. 9 times out of 10 you can get them hooked on one way or another. Although there have been a few who have taken me a pretty long time to convince - but that just adds to the challenge!
Business ImpactFor a Global Firm, has culture had any impact on the effectiveness of NEO?Pearson's Reply: I think Pearson's culture has had an impact on the success of Neo. We have a thirst for knowledge being in an education company and people learn through connecting and collaborating. Neo was able to offer people a way to learn from each other that we hadn't  had before and it definitely responded to our inquisitive nature.
Business ImpactIs Kim able to quantify the value of the investment?  The big theme across all modern intranet implementations seem to centre on replacing most email interaction ... always the quoted example of success.  any comments on this?

Pearson's Reply: We don't have a big number on this, we know it has reduced email traffic and saved time and money but it is hard to quantify it with a number.



Jive's Extended Reply:

A top-three global business consultancy recently helped Jive identify the business processes and use cases that have been consistently implemented by more than 850 global customers.



The Jive team would be happy to send you a copy of our "Business Value Booklet: 32 Jive-powered uses cases that drive business growth." Please get in touch with mvp@jivesofware.com



Some of the findings include, but are not limited to



• 23% decrease in sales on boarding time

• Ability to find the right knowledge, expertise and best practices from acorss the company 34% faster

•Reduction in email load by 21% and meetings by 16%

• 12% decrease in annual sales person turnover

Change ManagementHow do you convince Executive to change sometimes Setup in Management and leadership style ?Pearson's Reply: The first step in engaging senior executives is understanding their resistance. It could be lack of understanding and a simple training session can overcome the challenge. It could be a perception issue, they don't see the business value or the benefits. I have always found two things help, firstly ask them about their business challenges and problems this will help you with number two, come prepared with amazing use cases and value stories. You will then be able to share examples and give ideas about how your platform can help them with solving some of the challenges they have.
Change ManagementHow do you think the millennial generation vs GenX makes a difference on collaboration within an organization?

Pearson's Reply: At Pearson I wouldn't say it plays a massive role. Angela and I had a great discussion about this very topic last week. In my opinion I think millennials are a lot more familiar with the technology, but once in the work place they don't always have the confidence and/or the knowledge and expertise to put themselves out there. We find at Pearson that the people who add the most value to our community are those who would have historically had their knowledge and expertise in their head. Once these types of people share and collaborate on your platform everyone across your organisation can benefit and you are able to tap into that knowledge base and keep it within your organisation.




Jive's Extended Reply:

Recently, Jive, in conjunction with PwC, hosted a webinar titled: ow Millennials Influence Workstyles (And Why Leadership Should Embrace It). The event explored the ways this new generation of employees is driving greater flexibility, collaboration and transparency in the business world.




You may access a copy of the replay here:


Change ManagementWhat are the advantages to a separate social collaboration tool compared to one that comes pre-integrated with your productivity or CRM stack?Jive's Extended Reply: In short, there isn't. Equally, there is little advantage of having a tool bolted into one application or technology stack creating a silo.  The challenge is each of your employees will have a different workstyle and favourite tools, In order to see sustained adoption, and value, you need to enable them to work more effectively in the tools they use today.
CommunicationCan we touch a little bit on communication channels / platforms (such as Intranet(s) that my become redundant or take a much lower priority as a result of implementing an ESN.Pearson's Reply: Neo is our intranet, we do not have other intranets across Pearson. We do use Google for collaborating on documents and we also use Box but Neo is our one and only communication channel online.
ImplementationIs the Pearson a cloud implementation or a on-premise? What made you make this decision?Pearson's Reply: Pearson is currently on premise, we made this decision because we wanted the flexibility of being able to customise our instance. Our last upgrade saw us remove a number of customisations in preparation for our move to the Cloud in 2015.
ImplementationHow much development work was involved in customising Jive into Neo and was it done by Pearson IT dept or Jive people?Pearson's Reply: We customised Jive quite a bit in the beginning but over the upgrades we have cut back our customisations and we are busily preparing to move to the Cloud version of Jive in 2015.
ImplementationHow do your Advocates deal with the "workload", is this in their official work profile?Pearson's Reply: We try to make sure the advocates have everything they need to be effective in their role. At the same time Neo and its success is everyone's responsibility so for some people Neo is a big part of their role, especially folk in communications, programme management, project and support teams, sales, marketing - pretty much everywhere across the business.
ImplementationIn terms of "filing policy": what is Pearson's approach to creating Groups and Spaces? And does Pearson using the tagging feature?Pearson's Reply: We do use the tagging feature and we've recently been using the 7Summits plugin to review our tags and clean them up. We have an open policy on groups, anyone can create one. Space are reserved for our official communication channels and strategic initiatives.
IntegrationI'm particularly interested in the connection between Office 365 and Jive. Can you perhaps cover that as well?

Pearson's Reply: We don't use it.




Jive's Extended Reply:

For customers who wish to integrate with O365, Jive Software recently announced our integration with Microsoft Office 365. You can find out more information here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/jive-unveils-integration-with-microsoft-office-365-275262721.html



Companies that use Jive as a communications and collaboration hub empower their employees, partners and customers to work better together with a consistent experience that is accessible across devices. This reflects the reality of today's enterprise landscape, with businesses operating in either a pure cloud, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure, and includes any combination of leading applications –  from Box to Cisco to Salesforce.





The family of Jive Connectors for Office 365 includes:



  • Jive Connector for Outlook Online brings relevant Jive content and conversations into Outlook email threads for easy reference. People can now upload attachments, create and reply to discussions in Jive, and view personal streams within cloud and Windows desktop versions of Outlook. With the integration of Jive's structured outcomes feature, people can also reply in line or mark comments for action to drive business outcomes. The Jive connector will be available for Office 365 Outlook Web Access and Outlook 2010 and 2013 for Windows.
  • Jive Connector for Office Online eliminates the hurdles of working on Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations regardless of where they are located. People can now coauthor and discuss these files in cloud and Windows desktop versions of Office, no matter where these documents live. With the addition of Jive's popular impact metrics feature, people can also analyze the reach and sentiment of documents in Office 365.
  • Jive Connector for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business enables people to quickly and easily access and work off of documents stored in either location. The newest integration offering for SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business syncs news and activity streams between SharePoint and Jive and easily delivers both to mobile devices.
OnboardingHi Kim how key has Jive been when on-boarding new employees? Particularly populations from acquisitions.Pearson's Reply: Neo has been incredibly important for our on boarding process. From the second you log on you can start to get a feel for the Pearson culture. On-boading users onto Neo is fast from a technical perspective too. We are also able to create an area for new acquisitions, share the news about the acquisition and make people feel a part of the Pearson family really quickly. Some of Neo's biggest fans are people who have recently joined Pearson because Neo is a one stop shop for them to be able to find people, information and resources to help them do their job.
Platform FeedbackAny strengths or weaknesses in the platform you identified as a result of Pearson's reorganisation? Always challenging for intranet managers ...Pearson's Reply: The biggest strength for our restructure is that content can be moved, spaces renamed and adjusted. The weakness for us was that this isn't something that is baked into the core product. We worked with 7Summits, they provide a bulk content mover plugin which helped us clean up and move content.
About PearsonHow many people working for Pearson worldwide?Pearson's Reply: 40,000
Use CasesCan you say a little a bit more about what ordinary users do with Neo. For example can anyone create a blog or publish to Neo?Pearson's Reply: Everyone across Pearson can create content. Anyone can have a blog, anyone can create a group. Space are reserved for our official communication channels and strategic initiatives. We use Neo across Pearson for all manner of things, groups for subject matter experts to come together and share ideas, solve problems, teams use it for sharing information and updating each other. We use it for projects and planning across our organisation. It is a repository, communication channel, project management tool, it is a place where conversations start, ideas flow and work gets done.
Use CasesGreat discussion thanks. You mention people go into Neo everyday to do their job. What is it they predominantly do when they go in?Pearson's Reply: Neo hosts forms, documents, policies communications etc. it is our directory but it also where people are doing their work, whether that is collaborating on ideas, projects, planning meetings, events, focus groups, support spaces for our sales force you name it there is probably a group or space for it on Neo.


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