We are part of so many different communities and have opportunities to collaborate that we almost don't even think about it.  They just happen!    I would consider collaborating and communities to be best practices in my work and in my life.  I mean, a couple of months ago I found out my son had lost his debit card via Twitter.  Now, that is collaboration and community at its teenage finest!  But that is not the only time that I collaborate or feel part of a community.  Everyday I work with members of my team and with my friends and family as part of our larger team to get things done.  For example, Benjamin Walker and I are working on a pretty extensive document that describes, in-depth, our Channel approach and philosophies and we need to bring other folks into our discussion and documents for additional input.  This would be a lot more difficult if we were not able to collaborate and edit a document, together, and share out our work to this point.  All we need to to bring others into the fold is @mention them.  This way we can engage all the interested or required parties and make sure that we are not recreating the wheel or ensuring that we have all the best resources plugged in, thus putting our best effort forward to our jive community.

     So, what are your collaboration and community best practices?