Greetings to my daily ray of sunshine, JiveWorks community!


I told you in Goodbye to 2016: And Hello to 2017 that my goals (what I would be doing in 2017) included getting married.  I'm happy to announce that I can checkmark that box, I got married the week of JiveWorld17!


It took a couple of drinks...



but I finally got married!



Changing my name was a long, grueling process (did you know that changing names on credit cards is incredibly painless but heaven forbid you want your Southwest points because you'll need a copy of your marriage license and 30 days to process the request) but it's finally done and it officially rhymes - Sarah O'Meara!


So next time you are looking for Sarah Chaney, don't panic when my name doesn't pop up, I'm still here! Instead, look for Sarah O'Meara and yo'll find me.