Okta for Jive: Cloud based identity and access management for Jive communities


Savvy IT organizations are driving down the cost of infrastructure and operations by moving to easy-to-implement-and-administer cloud enterprise applications. And it’s not just for traditional systems of record like customer relationship management (CRM) and content management systems (CMS), but for identity management (IDM), too.


With Okta for Jive, the respective leaders in cloud-based IDM and collaboration are making life even easier for IT. Okta for Jive provides streamlined, out-of-the-box access management for Jive communities, whether they’re internal employee networks or gated customer, partner or developer communities. You can easily connect your other apps, too, giving end users a seamless enterprise-wide SSO experience that spans devices and platforms. Better yet, Jive for Okta is free, forever, for internal Jive deployments.


Jive for Okta provides:

  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • User Management (UM)
  • External Identity (Portal)


This allows it to support three scenarios:

  • SSO/IDM for companies with internal Jive communities
  • Portal for companies with external gated Jive communities
  • SSO/IDM + Portal for companies that have internal and external Jive communities and want full SSO and UM across both>


Okta for Jive makes Jive installations much simpler and faster from an authentication perspective, improves end user experience and ultimately drives adoption. Companies can quickly and easily connect any existing authentication systems to Jive. Tight integration minimizes configuration effort, and no customization is required. There’s no need for VPNs or opening ports on the firewall (beyond what’s needed to support existing authentication mechanisms). Okta for Jive simplifies things further with central user management, and automated account and user provisioning. It also enables mapping of distribution lists to Jive Groups so admins can assign user access permissions on a group basis. Okta for Jive can even leverage profile information from existing systems to pre-populate Jive profiles, so users don’t have to recreate them from scratch.


For companies considering Jive, Okta for Jive makes it easy to implement SSO, UM and richer profiles during pilot and proof-of-concept deployments without extra cost and effort. Companies can simply link to an existing user store (AD, LDAP, etc.) for authentication and authorization. Okta for Jive also allows Jive customers who have multiple domains (as a result of M&A activity, for example) to easily provide SSO across all them.


Okta for Jive is perfect for:

  • Any organization contemplating custom authentication integration with Jive
  • Organizations looking to deploy enterprise-wide SSO
  • Organizations looking to fundamentally change the way they work and re-platform to the cloud
  • Organizations who want to connect multiple authentication mechanisms to their Jive instance
  • Companies with significant internal employee churn (i.e., seasonal workers) or external users (e.g., customer or partner portals)
  • Organizations leveraging Jive for both internal and external Jive communities. Okta allows a single “pane of glass” to manage all the users, access and permissions



Okta for Jive is available to all internal Jive 5, 6, 7 and cloud users at no additional cost, with no restriction on time or number of Jive users. The integration is aimed at customers using Active Directory or LDAP user stores for authentication. Licensing fees apply when using Okta for Jive with external Jive communities or connecting other enterprise systems. For more information on deploying Okta enterprise-wide, please contact Okta by calling 1-888-722-7871 or emailing info@okta.com.


To begin using Okta for Jive with your Jive community, email jivese@okta.com to get an instance of Okta started. For licensing details and further information, please contact your Jive account representative or email us at sales@jivesoftware.com. In addition, you can find information and discussions about Okta for Jive in Okta’s community.