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This poll was archived on Jul 25, 2011.

Vote for JiveWorld11 roundtable topics

If you've attended JiveWorld09 or JiveWorld10, you may be familiar  with the roundtables.


We originally launched this format to not only  provide small group settings for likeminded follks, but to also address  very specific topics of interest that couldn't fit in the overall JiveWorld agenda.


Attendance was limited to keep the discussion free-flowing,  and understandably there was a waitlist of people to get in. And we heard from you: "It was really hard to  choose between a session and this roundtable..." and  "I wish there were  more opportunities to participate."


That  feedback -- plus the fact  that JiveWorld attendees love to network -- is  giving us reason to  rethink roundtables this year, especially given that:


  • JiveWorld11 is going to be more than 3X as big as JiveWorld09!
  • There's tons more track sessions, speakers, and product deep dives than ever before -- addressing topics formerly covered by roundtables
  • People still place a premium on smaller-format discussions


So this year, we're offering many, many more opportunities to  attend roundtables. And we'll repeat topics to make sure people don't  miss the chance to connect over similar needs or interests.


What I need from you is feedback on topics so we can maximize the success of this program.


There are 4 general  categories that address the interests of the majority of attendees. 


Please vote, as well and add your own suggestion! Thanks!

Poll Results
  • Connect with people like me:  Community Manager; Social Media Marketer; Strategist; System Administrator (39%)
  • Connect with people on the same journey as me:  Building a Business Case/Pilot; In Production < 1 Year; Technical Integrations;  In Production 1+ Years (11%)
  • Connect with people from the same industry as me: Technology; Healthcare; Finance; Consumer Goods; Government (4%)
  • Connect with people using Social Business to solve the same challenge: Social Marketing; Customer Support; Sales Enablement; Collaboration and Corp Communications (43%)
  • Other: Share your suggestions (4%)


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