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Would you prefer to have Friend or Follower relationships in Jive Community?

Recently was brought up by some community members asking about the choice of Friends vs. Followers configuration in the Jive Community.  I tend to lean towards Followers in most cases, but before I acted on my gut ... I wanted to double check with the community.


Do you prefer:

  • Followers
    • Anyone can following anyone.  Content is filtered by permissions.  No validation is required for following; however, users are notified when someone starts to follow them.
    • Update:  Due to John Schwiller and other comments regarding SPAM, the Followers option will be coupled with an approval process to coincide with changes to the 5.0.1 SPAM options.
      • Update for Product Management regarding specifics of 5.0.1 SPAM Fix:
        • The spam fix in 5.0.1 addresses both Friending and Following. For Friending, you can only send DMs to your friends. For following, you can only send DMs to people following you, it doesn't matter if you are following them or not.
  • Friends (currently setup in JC)
    • Friend relationships must be requested and approved.   Content is still filtered by permissions.   Users are notified when the friendship process starts/stops.


Which of the two paradigms do you feel best fits the Jive Community and the types of relationships you wish to foster?

Poll Results
  • Followers (92%)
  • Friends (8%)


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