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This poll ended on Oct 29, 2012.

Best JiveWorld12 Photo Finalists

Hello JiveWorld12 Fanatics!


First of all, I would love to thank everyone for participating in the JiveWorld12 Game Series this year and making JiveWorld12 even more exciting! We've scoured through the Instagram results, and have listened to a lot of your feedback, both online and offline.  Based on those results, we have nominated the following photos as our Best JiveWorld12 Photo Finalists.



How to Win!

Per the instructions in the JiveWorld12 Game Series - Overview, simply lobby the Jive Community to vote for their best photo.  The Top 3 Photos will receive a $300 giftcard to Apple!

Voting Deadline: Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 11:59:59 PM CST

Disclaimer: A minimum of 100 votes is required for the poll decision to be upheld.  Should participation fall short, Jive's Social Team will select the winners based on the already mentioned criteria in the game series overview.

Want a better chance to win? 

Reach out socially, or simply invite people from your company to join the Jive Community and submit their vote!  Better yet, get them to complete the Let's Get Ready to JiveWorld12 challenge by Friday, October 26th, 2012, and they'll be entered to win the JiveWorld12 Random Drawing for their very own $300 giftcard to Apple.


Best JiveWorld12 Photo Finalists

  1. Tracy Maurer of UBM - Instagram photo by @tmmaurer (tmmaurer) | Statigram
  2. Gino Rossi of Quest Software - Instagram photo by @ginorossi (Gino Rossi) | Statigram
  3. Caster Parham of Sid Lee Technologies - Instagram photo by @casterp (Caster Parham) | Statigram
  4. Kim England of Pearson - Instagram photo by @kimberlykat81 (Kim England) | Statigram
  5. Lauren Klein of Hitachi Data Systems - Instagram photo by @communityquencher (Lauren Klein) | Statigram
  6. Katrina Doell of North Shore LIJ - Instagram photo by @katrina_doell (Katrina Doell) | Statigram
  7. Oliver Kohl of SAP - Instagram photo by @oliverkohl (Oliver) | Statigram
  8. Kevin Chavaree of Genentech - Instagram photo by @kevinchav (kevinchav) | Statigram
  9. Jase Wickham - Instagram photo by @jasewickham (jasewickham) | Statigram
  10. Melissa Rosen of Capital One - Instagram photo by @melissaqrosen (melissaqrosen) | Statigram


Honorable Mention:

Our very own Deirdre Walsh (who is not eligible to compete) snapped this awesome photo (right) during Aaron Levie's, CEO of Box, and Tony Zingale's, CEO of Jive, fireside chat.  Not only does it capture what I believe to be a "changing of the guard" for enterprise software productivity, but it also embodies the essence of the JiveWorld12 photo competition and wanted to give a shout out for her contributions!

Poll Results
  • Tracy Maurer - UBM (6%)

  • Gino Rossi - Quest Software / Dell (2%)

  • Caster Parham - Sid Lee (3%)

  • Kim England - Pearson (10%)

  • Lauren Klein - Hitachi Data Systems (9%)

  • Katrina Doell - North Shore (4%)

  • Oliver Kohl - SAP (20%)

  • Kevin Chavaree - Genentech (32%)

  • Jase Wickham (3%)

  • Melissa Rosen - Capital One (12%)



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