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This poll was archived on Nov 12, 2013.

Vote for Your Favorite JiveWorld Photo

This year JiveWorld attendees captured and shared more photos that ever before. More than 2,000 photos were uploaded in the JiveWorld13 Mobile App and almost 600 Instagram photos were tagged with #JiveWorld. A big thanks go out to all the JiveWorld photographers!


The following photos have been chosen as the Top 10. Congrats to those who have made it this far: Edward Ford, Lindsey Riggs, Angela Eick, Xavier Ansiaux, Mike Fraietta, Lauren Peterson, Lukas Sparks, Kat Mandelstein, Somerlea Contreras, Craig Palmer.  Now, it's up to Jive Community members to vote for one of these photos as their favorite. For those in the running, don't hesitate to promote your photo, as we know there's a lot at stake - the top three photographers win an iPad Mini!


Voting starts now and goes through November 11. The Jive social team will then announce the winner via the Jive Customer Webcast on November 19 and subsequently in the Jive Community. Prizes and badges will be awarded after announcing the winners.


Additionally if you have an instagram account, log in using the below link to see Tony Zingale doing the Harlem Shake!


Top 10 photo poll - please vote for 1:

Poll Results
  • Edward Ford, Thomson Reuters. I'm on the road to #JiveWorld and I'm ready to come out swingin' (18%)

  • Lindsey Riggs, The Cosmopolitan. Synchronized swimmers complete with stilettos. Just another day at work. #JiveWorld (7%)

  • Angela Eick. Steelcase. Loving Eddie's energy! (20%)

  • Xavier Ansiaux, Givandan International SA (1%)

  • Mike Fraietta, Social Edge Consulting. Our collegue, Kerri, just got married in the Little White Chapel in Vegas! What a #JiveWorld twist! (11%)

  • Lauren Peterson, PGi. Viva Las Vegas #JiveWorld (10%)

  • Lukas Sparks, 7 Summits. Roguen pilots the space show to victory #JiveWorld (21%)

  • Kat Mandelstein, PwC. #JiveWorld #Jabbawockees (4%)

  • Somerlea Contreras, Lululemon. How do you end the #JiveWorld conference? With the Harlem Shake, of course! (2%)

  • Craig Palmer, SAIC/leidos. DJ and Drums, get with the beat at #JiveWorld. (6%)



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