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Can we move past the carbon copy?

I still see a lot of people cc'd (literally) on Jive posts across communities we work on.  They must know it stands for carbon copy, right?  Blue/black inky paper that even your local state government has discontinued use of 20 years ago (ok, maybe 5 years).


But when Jive users talk to one another they might say,  "would you at mention Sally on that".  So my idea is we should use the @ sign.  So instead of at the bottom of a post we write "cc Brooks Jordan " we write "@ Brooks Jordan ".  Seems like the modern way to do.




Andrew Kratz

Social Edge Consulting


@ Mike Fraietta, Simon Scullion

Poll Results
  • Yes, I see this catching on! (76%)
  • Bad idea.  You have too much time on your hands :) (19%)
  • I have a much better idea (comment below) (5%)


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