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This poll ended on Dec 1, 2014.

Vote on the best attendee photo of JiveWorld14!

This year JiveWorld attendees captured and shared some really fun photos. Almost 1,000 photos were uploaded in the JiveWorld14 Mobile App and almost 900 Instagram photos were tagged with #JiveWorld. A big thanks go out to all of the JiveWorld photographers!

Fine Print: My apologies for posting the wrong photos in an earlier version of this poll, I was actually looking at a previous version of our internal Jive doc when I created the original poll. Mental note to self: Do not leave a document open onscreen overnight before creating a post from the content the next morning. Check.


Congrats to the photographers who made it in the top 10: Mike Muscato  Anne Shaneen  Tracy Maurer  Jesse Kinser  Anna Sui  Lindsay Brothers  Lauren Klein  Alan Lepofsky Jonathan Wright Meghan Carey


Honorable Mention goes to: Wiebke "Veep-kah" Liu Lea Reznik and John Reynolds


Now, it's up to Jive Community members to vote for one of these photos as their favorite.


For those in the running, don't hesitate to promote your photo, as we know there's a lot at stake - the top three photographers win an iPad Mini! The 1st place photo wins an iPad mini with retina display!


Voting starts now and goes through November 30. The Jive team will then announce the winner via a blog in the JiveWorld365 community and winners will be emailed directly as well.


Prizes will be awarded after announcing the winners.

Poll Results
  • Mike Muscato on Twitter: "Honorary @MylanNews 'Mighty Mike' thanks @AKAwillardo for the shirt. #actualMike #JiveWorld (18%)

  • Anne Shaneen on Twitter: "Beware, #jiveworld. There's a maniac on the loose with super hero strength! #jw14superhero (24%)

  • Tracy Maurer on Twitter: "This says it all #JiveWorld" (3%)

  • Jesse Kinser on Twitter: "@jiveworld Jive development is easy! #jw14 #jiveworld " (16%)

  • Anna Sui on Twitter: "Human Collaboration Engine demo! Can't wait to see what the machine does #JiveWorld (1%)

  • Lindsay Brothers on Twitter: "Bringing back the bowtie! @SchneiderElec #JiveWorld (5%)

  • thelaurenklein on Twitter: "Enjoyed a "Fair & Honest Appraisal of your Appearance" by @TheBumbys during #JiveWorld (8%)

  • Alan Lepofsky on Twitter: ".@JiveSoftware EVP @elisasteele taking a selfie with @okgo at #JiveWorld #socbiz (10%)

  • Jonathan Wright on Twitter: "You don't start off every morning with rock, but it's good when you do. #JiveWorld (12%)

  • Meghan Larson (Carey) on Twitter: "Saluting the sun before it even rose. Thanks for including yoga club #JiveWorld (4%)



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