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This poll was archived on Aug 4, 2015.

Should we combine the Internal and External Community groups?

We originally created separate places for Internal and External Communities because we thought that the conversations would be really different. What we seeing is that about 75% of the conversations could be used for either type of community and in fact, many of the same people manage both types of communities. So we are considering combining the two places and want to get your feedback!


Things to consider:

  • We would move all of the content into one place
  • We would add all of the members from one place into the other
  • We would use categories and tags on content to help you determine to which type of community the conversation or content pertains


Feel free to provide your feedback on this idea in the comments below. I'd love to hear what you think the advantages or drawbacks would be!

Thanks in advance for your input.




Jive Internal Communities Jive External Communities

Poll Results
  • Bad idea: I want separate places to have conversations about the different types of communities (55%)
  • Not sure: I could see an argument either way. (Hint: Add your thinking in the comments below!) (5%)
  • Great idea: I'm involved in both places and would love not to have to hop back and forth to monitor new content. (41%)


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