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This poll was archived on Nov 10, 2017.

NYC User Group -- Next Event Dates (Nov/Dec 2017)

Hello folks -- We are WAY overdue to get together again to discuss and connect. So many changes since ONE YEAR ago, our last event.

I meant to write this in September, that we could meet before the Thanksgiving holiday, but for me it's going to be tough.


I would volunteer our offices at 59th and Madison, but our largest room holds only 30 people. We had 75 last time.


Are you interested in a meet-up?


Please take a moment:

  1. What is your first choice to join? Indicate yours below.
  2. Add a comment below and what are the top 2 or 3 topics you'd like to *discuss*
Poll Results
  • week of 20-Nov (11%)
  • week of 27-Nov (0%)
  • week of 4-Dec (33%)
  • week of 11-Dec (0%)
  • week of 8-Jan (22%)
  • week of 15-Jan (33%)


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