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    Quick tagging - should this be open by default?


      I didn't actually know about this feature existing in 4.5 until after we upgraded. I stumbled upon it by accident while looking at profile updates. For those who haven't discovered it, what it does is leave the tagging field open on all content so that any time you navigate to a piece of content, you can edit the tags without having to click the edit link next to the tag field.


      The place I think this will have the most value is as a feature for community managers and/or group/space admins, who might want to enforce some tagging standards in their neck of the community. I had planned to promote it specifically to them, when someone else suggested we see if we could make "on" the default for this option. We checked with support, and indeed they can run a script to reset that option to on for all users.


      Before we take that step, I wanted to ask Jive why they chose off as the default. From having worked as a business analyst I know that often default values are much debated, and I was hoping for some insight. Anyone else in the community is welcomed to offer their opinions as well.


      Would it be a good idea to have Quick tagging set to Yes/On by default?