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    Direct links to join - this works well!

      Hey everyone -


      Wanted to share a tidbit we stumbled on in relation to launching communities. We saw roughly 16% more people join groups when we sent a direct link to the community's Join URL. We got that URL by navigating to the community, clicking "Join group" from the Actions box, and copy/pasting that URL into the communication. It's less clicks and less required thinking for the new member (because they don't have to look for "Join group), and less clutter in the invite (i.e. don't have to explain that they need to find and click the Join group option in the actions box).


      Interested to hear your tips and tricks as well!! =)

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          I can't believe I didn't think of that...will definitely be using that idea from now on! Thanks for posting!



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              Keep in mind that this will only work for Open or Members Only groups or users who have already been invited to a Private or Secret group. For Private and Secret groups users still have to be invited using "Invite people to join this group" so that they are added to the group permissions.  And in that case they will receive the template group invitation via email.  Otherwise if you send the separate email they'll get an error message when they try to join.

              With that caveat, my team thinks AT's suggestion is a great one, and we will be following up any Private or Secret group invitations with an email that has the direct "Join group" link.