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    Tracking progress of Volunteer Moderators


      We "employ" 15+ consumer moderators. I'd like to challenge them to be more competitive by presenting them with Monthly reports at a minimum.

      They all belong to a permissions group. I'd like to know the following info.


      1. Date that they were added to a Moderator permissions group.

      2. Weekly/Monthly cumulative post total since registration by moderator (to understand participation since joining community)

      3. Weekly/Monthly cumulative post total since added to Moderator permission group by moderator (to understand participation since becoming moderator)

      4. Weekly/Monthly cumulative Correct/Helpful answer total by Moderator (to understand how effective they are as moderators/community members)

      5. Breakout of each community and the moderators based on their participation in each individual community (to see most active mods by community)

      6. Weekly/Monthly list of communities listed by # of unanswered threads and % of total no responses to total threads.

      6. Weekly/Monthly hours spent logged in per individual of members in Moderator permissions group.


      Has anyone put a report together like this? I'm a newbie and would like to better understand setting up reports in postgres sql. We are about to move to 4.5  and have the Analytics Module datamart.