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    When's the Best Time to Respond to a Customer Post


      We have an internal debate going on about best practice for response time to customer posts. One side insists that customer posts require a company response within 24 hours to encourage customer participation. The other side insists that 36 hours is a safe window to allow (and encourage) other customer replies before adding the company fingerprint on the discussion.



      How much time do you let pass before you or someone from your company responds to a customer post? If you have any stats or research to back up your position on this debate, please post here. I'd love to have some solid numbers to bring to the debate as well.




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          Hi Judith,


          We have moderation practices in place to escalate posts to an employee to respond when a member does not receive a peer response within 24 hours. Living in an on-demand world, I think that humber should be even lower. At 36 hours, you may have lost the opportunity to keep that customer engaged.


          I don't have anything to reference to back up my position, only experience. But if enough external community managers respond with what they're practicing within their respective organizations, perhaps this thread can be your reference point.



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              Hi Dan -


              Thank you for your response. We have assigned monitors to every space in our community. At the beginning, we had the same rule: an employee responds to customer posts within 24 hours. But over time, our response time has changed to an average of 36 hours. This hasn't impacted adoption. It remains high, with slight increases month to month. Engagement, on the other hand, has it's ebbs and flows, but I don't have metrics that would correlate response time to levels of engagement.


              I, too, am curious to see others response.