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    What business icons do you need in the RTE?

      In 4.5, we added four more business-y icons to the RTE emoticon list: and . To further enable clear and efficient (and visual) communication through content created in Jive, we're considering adding a few more business-friendly icon shortcuts to the RTE in 5.0. I'd love your input on what would be most useful in your community.


      Here's what we're currently contemplating:

      • Yes/No (i.e., graphical check and x so that it's easier to mark things as done or not, go or no-go)
      • Colored visuals for representing status (e.g., on a dashboard. For example, see the led set on http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics#Status_flag_LED_tag_icons
      • Basic graphical arrows: left, right, up, down
      • Visual status labels for New, To Do, Updated, and Done (these might be shortcut-only, not in the menu)


      All of these would have a keyboard shortcut, just as with the current RTE icons.


      Are there any of these you especially want to see? Others we should consider? (We will be weighing the overall size of the choice set and the risk of choice paralysis in anything we add, but think a few more here could be very useful.)