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    Space Level Approver Moderation flow -Document rejected by one of the approvers and user edits the document and it gets published straight away




      I am just confused by the way the Space Approver moderation flow  for Document settings works.  let me illustrate:


      i have a space level approver for a space A and a user uploads a document in the space. Now we can find the Space Approver find the notification  in his notification  tab. when he rejects the document, the document does not gets published and the user can see the same from his "Your Stuff" tab about the status of the document.


      but now i find something strange. When the user clicks on "Edit the document"after being rejected by the space level approver , and clicks on "Submit for approval" ,  it gets published straight away , completely contradict to how it should have behaved (It should have again gone for approval to the space level approver again  right??). Is there any solution for this or is this a flaw??? we are testing the above said scenario on Jive 4.5.1 Please let us know.