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    Categories vs. Tags

      I'd like to build a bit of a training document for our community about the difference between categories and tags.  we are just getting started and I fear we're goingt o end up with 25,000 documents and no organization around them...

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          I just started playing with this feature today in our DEV environment. They are related inthis way:

                Categories are a group of tags.  Tags are Individual.

               Admins create categories. Users create tags.


          You can configure your categories to be automatically assigned when people add a tag.  You should encorage your users to tag their content and as certain tags become popular, relate those tags to a category.


          This setup allows your users to do as they want, but enables you to build the categorization around the user's preference.  It is a nice balance between flexible user generated content and rigid organizational/categorical structure.

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            Here's how I described it to our users, and had good results:


            Many times, people want to keep documents segregated into neat, discrete bundles. On our PCs, this translates to mean folders. Because this works well for us there, the tendency is to apply this same logic in Jive. the problem with that is twofold:

            • We don't all think about what constitutes "neat, discrete bundles" in the same way, and so you might nest your folders much more than I would. This makes it harder for me to find things using your logic.
            • Nesting in the wiki means creating lots of subspaces, and this causes our users extra clicks to get to content
            • The Recent Content widget that can be placed on space, group and project homepages now has an extra filter using categories, which helps people sort through the recent content using these pre-defined categories. Another way to help drive people to see your content.


            Categories make it easier to set up virtual folders so that you can better organize content within a single group or space, negating the need for nested subspaces (in most situations). One more tool in your toolbox for organizing content and making it easier for you and your users to find and use.


            It also means that I can tag a document with the words visibility and reports and not have it show up in the Visibility Reports category. For example, if Visibility Reports was a product name, I might have a category named that. But someone else might post a document discussing reports of atmospheric visibility. I wouldn't want the atmospheric visibility documents to show up in the Visibility Reports category because they are not related.

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              Here is a training video i made on Tagging and Categories. I used a pretty cool example to show the difference between using a folder on your computer vs using a category. A file can only be in one folder whereas a file can be in more than one category. This is the first video i made on a tough subject i should redo it there are a couple mistakes.

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                thanks so much these responses are very helpful!

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                    A few things to note about categories;


                    The Categories widget (small) will display your categories as "folders", clicking the folder doesn't take you to those items marked with that category, it filters the Recent Content Widget to display those content pieces marked with the category you clicked.

                    Category Small.JPG

                    The Categories widget (large) will display your categories as well as list out by content type (blog, discussions, document, etc.) and you can click the number in the columns to filter by that content type and that category.

                    Category Large.JPG

                    Lastly, you can have the Recent content widget (solo or combined with the two mentioned above) and filter content by category.


                    Recent Content Category.JPG


                    I'd recommend the large category widget paired with the recent content widget.     As for tags, I'd also suggest the users to use tags in order for their content be searchable/findable.