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    Internal Community: 1 Year Anniversary Celabration


      We recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary in PGiLife (our internal community) and I wanted to share what we did for the celebration and how our employees reacted.


      About three months ago we saw the UMB video and knew we wanted to pull off something similar but wanted to add an interactive place where employees could enjoy the successes over the past year and take a look at a few "Innovators" we awarded. We created a space for the event and sent out a global, company-wide email to all employees announcing the anniversary.


      The Anniversary Space Included:


      1. Adoption/Participation Statistics - Total page views/visits, total docs/discussions/groups/spaces.
      2. Quote from President and top community participants
      3. Virtual Guestbook - A discussion that people could respond to with a personal message
      4. A View-A-Doc Widget of our 2009 - 2010 PGiLife Innovators
        1. Each winner received a fun Innovator title - Distribution List Destroyers Award, The Amazing Shrinking Inbox Award, etc
        2. The title linked to short case study on what their Group/Space's purpose was, what they did before we had PGiLife, and what they are able to do with PGiLife - Our team collected the case studies over the past year for various presentations, so it was easy to compile them in a centralized "Case Studies" space, filtered by category (sales efficiency, communication, etc).
      5. Innovators received a badge on their profile which they will have for the full year


      The celebration was a succses based on the level of participation as compared with past company-wide events. Within just a few hours we had 450+ views on the guestbook, and 112 "signatures." Many with personal messages about how PGiLife has changed the way they work.


      I wanted to share the fun with other Community Managers who were interested in replicating. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!