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    Functional Analysis of Enterprise 2.0 Tools - Survey

      Ladies and gentlemen,


      I am a student at the Technical University of Munich and I would like to invite you to take part in an online survey on integrated Enterprise 2.0 platforms.


      This survey is a part of my Bachelor’s thesis titled “Functional Analysis of Enterprise 2.0 Tools - Expectations, Experiences and Valuations from an End-User Perspective”. The thesis is based on a study “Enterprise 2.0 Tool Survey”, conducted at the chair Software Engineering for Business Information Systems at the Technical University of Munich. This study examines Enterprise 2.0 tools in detail and derives a unifying multi-dimensional classification and evaluation framework, the so called Services Catalog.



      In the scope of this Bachelor’s thesis, the following objectives concerning Enterprise 2.0 platform are addressed:


      • improve existing services
      • examine the relevance of the provided services
      • find requirements for new services



      I would appreciate, if you can help me conducting this online survey.


      The survey will take about 5 minutes.


      Your participation in this survey is anonymous and will help make improvements in Enterprise 2.0 platforms and their services.






      In case of any questions please contact me pdacka@gmail.com