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    Surveying users

      I'm working on an annual user satisfaction survey and I was curious how often other groups do this? What questions do you ask? Any surprises? Pitfalls?

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          We did a survey after the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Jive instance (which we call Matrix).  We posted the link on the site's home page and in our "power user" community.  Overall we didn't have a very good response date (about 25 total) - likely because we didn't tie it to a carrot reward (such as an iPad drawing).   The responses we got for the "Best Space" was also fairly light but we did do a later contest (with Amex Gift Cards) where we got a better response (low hundreds) and had the community vote for Best Space, Best Group, and Best Blog.


          Although there was a low response rate we did get some good feedback.


          Here's the survey:


          1. What features of Matrix do you use regularly (check all that apply, includes viewing as well as creating content)?

          • 1.  Documents 
          • 2.  Uploaded Files 
          • 3.  Discussions 
          • 4.  Blogs
          • 5.  Viewing/Searching Employee Profiles
          • 6.  Social Networking (follow other users / make connections)
          • 7.  Your View page
          • 8.  Search 
          • 9.  Browsing by Tags 
          • 10.  Project Spaces / Tasks 
          • 11.  Matrix Groups 
          • 12.  Email Notifications 
          • 13.  RSS Notifications
          • 14.  Importing RSS Feeds
          • 16.  Status Updates


          2. On a Scale of 1-10, what is your overall level of satisfaction with Matrix?


          3. Considering Matrix as a whole, including features, performance, support, and usage, please describe things you like about Matrix (blank text box)


          4. Considering Matrix as a whole, including features, performance, support, and usage, please describe things that are challenges with Matrix (blank text box)


          5. Please provide any other feedback about Matrix. Please provide your name if you'd like someone to respond to your feedback. (blank text box)


          6. What is your location?  (selection list of major office locations)


          7. What is your business function? (selection list)


          8. To celebrate Matrix's first birthday we want to acknowledge the people who have best delivered on the promise of Matrix's collaboration capabilities. So, IT will be recognizing individuals or communities with the following awards.


          IT will collect the nominations and Matrix users will get to vote for the top nominees.


          Please make a nomination in one or more categories (Optional)
          Best Space (name or URL)
          Best Group (name or URL)
          Most Innovative Use of Matrix