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    How is your internal SBS/community organized? What's prevalent & successful?


      Here are some ways that I've seen data organized around within community/collaboration/social sites .... I'm sure there are others, so please share:

      • organizational unit (e.g. Product xyz Division)
      • social interest (e.g. tennis)
      • professional topics (e.g. Java)
      • content type (e.g ideas, videos)
      • functional role in company (e.g. marketing, sales, project manager)
      • location / place


      I've noticed that some of newer successful general social collaboration/community sites (e.g. quora) organize around topics. What's interesting in Quora for example is that questions can belong to multiple topics and you can follow topics and questions. I think it would be nice if categories in SBS could span spaces/groups and if you could follow those categories.  Anyone know if that's on the roadmap?  I think topics could be a stronger and more viral way to organize but I don't think SBS is optimized for this. Thoughts?


      I see value in organizing different ways within your SBS implementation, and am curious to see how other companies are organizing internally, general distribution/weight, how they're implemented, and whether you see better adoption  in one type or another.  It would also be interesting to discuss what you think is key to successful adoption depending on the type.


      For my company, generally here's what I see:


      Weight %
      Implemented in SBS
      Success Level (1 low-  5 high)
      (members/continued adoption)
      Organization unit10spaces mostly, some groups4
      Social interest25groups3
      Professional topic30groups2
      Content type5spaces (we don't have ideas or videos type enabled yet)3
      Functional role30spaces3



      Thanks! Angelique