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    Ideation module: Experience with numerous custom fields?

      We have come up with about 20 custom fields we'd want an Idea to have.  While each of the fields asks for important information, we are wondering if the number of fields might be overwhelming for potential innovators (this is an enterprise site, so it would only be employees) and discourage them from sharing ideas.


      Can Ideation module users share their experience with numerous custom fields?


      One idea we had was to designate the first 10 as required and the latter 10 as optional.  Is it possible to configure a custom field to be required or optional?

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          I'm on the product marketing team at Jive and have spent considerable time on the ideation module.  Making specific custom fields optional/required is no problem (click of a button within the ideas section of the admin console).  Twenty fields does seem like quite a few, just my initial gut reaction. I would love to hear thoughts from others though??

          Hope that helps some.


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              Thanks, Adam, that is helpful.  I'm also interested in hearing from others from the submitter perspective, and other user perspectives.  Do their community members find it tedious to enter so many fields, are they turned off or discouraged?


              And what does the list of ideas look like if you have so many custom fields?  Normally it's just the title, status, and description that appear.  Do we have control over how ideas appear in a list?