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    Posting history in User Profiles

      This issue was raised with Bug 740 in Jira, the response was that the functionality is working as it should.  Currently, when viewing a user's posting history, under the user's stuff tab, the date last posted area is not in chronological order.  Picture enclosed.


      Though this may be functioning as it should, it is of little to no use if it is not in chronological order.


      -John Montagne

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          The threads should be ordered by the last modification date, the same way all content is ordered, however, when you are viewing a user's posting history, we want to show you their reply, so the link to the thread takes you to their last reply, which may not be the last modification date of the thread. I'm pretty sure the date you are seeing in the list is when the user last participated in the thread, but they are ordered by the most recently updated, hence the discrepancy between ordering and dates shown.