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    4.5 Training  / Demo materials

      Happy 2011 to all!


      We are getting ready to upgrade from 3.08 to 4.5 in February.  I am wondering if anyone has created any short tutorials or fun pieces on the new features of 4.5 that they would be willing to share?

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          I'm not at liberty to post the deck we used for some training sessions/web conferences for our community managers and power users, but if you wanted to contact me I could share/discuss offline.


          We just went from 3.0.12 to 4.5.4 in mid-November so our scenarios are likely quite similar.  This is a very big upgrade, considering all the permissions changes from 3.x to 4.x and some peculiarities of upgraded instances.


          I presume you're waiting for 4.5.5 (there are a lot of bugs in 4.5.4 that are fixed in 4.5.5)?

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            Hi JJ,

            We have just upgraded from 3.08 to 4.5.5 last week. We did our training in workshops in advance and have live online training sessions that folks can sign up for.

            We were using the SaaS option and are still working through issues.

            Be warned, there is a Jotlet Bug in 4.5.5.  It will display the calendar but not the details and you cannot edit the calendar from within 4.5.5.

            While Word document preview works, it didn't work initially and UAT and the same problems occured in Production.  We have been on 4.5.5 for a week and have not gotten it working yet. That said, I believe the support team my be able to make it work soon.  (Surprising the lessons learned in UAT were not applied to Prod).

            Our collaborators have been interested in the @mentions and the increased options on the summary digests.


            Of course, the upgrade What's new notes are here: http://docs.jivesoftware.com/jive_sbs/4.5/index.jsp

            Best of luck!  Let us know how your upgrade goes!