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    Distributed community management - esp. related to Overview page


      I've filed an Idea in the Feature Discussion community for a new permission to allow individuals to customize the Overview page of a space/community, rather than providing them Admin/Full Control which is what is required to accomplish this today.


      I'm curious if other Community Managers are having a similar need. I'm the Enterprise Community Manager for Juniper but we're a large company with several business groups who often want to act very autonomously. So we rely very much on a distributed community management model.  Our employees in many ways appreciate the functionality of spaces/communities, such as the hierarchy of spaces and the ability to set permissions based on security groups imported from LDAP. So, we don't rely solely on "Social Groups" as I know some Jive customers do.


      Anyway, take a look at the Idea. If this would benefit your Jive community please vote the idea up.