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    Creating IDEAS

      When a member of the community creates an IDEA that may have multiple parts, is it better to post all parts as one idea or as multiple posts?  For example, someone in Supply Chain posted an IDEA  on how social media (Jive) could bring value to Supply Chain.  She listed four activities within that IDEA.  I know, it probably doesn't matter, but an executive brought up a good question.  Would it be better to build a thread of discussion on each of the four ideas?  Just wondered what experience has taught some of you.



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          Hi Damon, I'm very interested in Ideas also since we just made that functionality available over the weekend.


          From what I see so far, a person can post 1 idea.  Others can vote it up or down, or make comments.


          I had hoped for something more robust, something that would allow an Idea to generate other ideas (like on a discussion thread).  So I,  too, am looking for how best to utilize this feature.


          Would love to hear how others have done so!

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            I am going to answer my own question...we did some experimenting with creating ideas. We have began to put together a few tips.  We did discover that it is better to not put multiple ideas in one posting....even if they are similar.


            We have used the ideas feature today in the following ways:

            • Supply Chain posted four ideas on ways that Supply Chain can use social media to assist them in their job.  So now, other members are discussing the ideas and voting them up or down.
            • Our communication systems group posted six different pieces of equipment that can be used with softphones and deskphones. The community can now  vote each of these items "up" or "down." It is better than polling, because members can vote for "up" or "down" on all or some items and make comments.