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    Container explanation needed

      Does anyone have a good way to explain Containers to users.  We are moving from 3.x to 4.5 in the next month and the concept of containers will be new to our users.  Does anyone have a non-techie way to describe these?

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          Hi Jen –


          I was on 3.0 and am now on 4.0. Are Containers new in 4.5?


          The way that I explain containers now on 4.0 is:



          ·         Containers hold content: discussions, documents, blogs


          ·         The two main types of containers are Spaces and Social Groups. (and Projects, but we don’t use them much )


          ·         The main difference between Spaces and Social Groups is the membership aspect. With social groups, you can join and see the other members


          I hope this helps… or maybe there is a new feature I have to look forward to? ☺



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            We try to use the term "community" rather than container when we can.


            Are you looking at trying to describe the differences between spaces and groups?