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    Widget to list all those who have moderate or full control of a space


      On an almost daily basis, we have requests from users in a space to be granted full control of the space or a sub-space. They work with those who have full control, but this doesn't seem be known even within teams. They think our application support team has endless hours to configure their space permissions for them.


      I'd like to be able to tell all those who make these requests, "Just ask one of your teammates who have full control. There's a list of them on your space." But there doesn't seem to be a widget that lists the "admins" (individuals with either moderate, edit, or full control) of a space. Has this been discussed/proposed before, and if so, is there a workaround until implemented in a future version?


      (Please do not counter with "Have the admins post a bulletin," or "Have the moderators lists themselves on the main page." I want something that is automatic, I might even configure it as part of the default space if I can.)