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    can a space have a status update?

      similar to a group in facebook (or like your profile in Jive)... where the group's feed simply directs the member to "write something" can a space have a status update?

      Screen shot 2011-02-02 at 6.14.17 PM.png

      I ask becasue we have a group that currently uses a secret facebook  group to share inspiration and links within its membership, the action  required to post is about 1second versus having to figure out whether  you're doing a blog post, a discussion, asking a question, etc... and we'd like the group to migrate their stuff out of facebook and into our community...if I could provide a similar experience then perhaps the transition might be easier...


      I guess they could post to the blog by email...


      Anyway just wanted to open it up to the group here to discuss.