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    Email notification based on tags or categories?

      This may be more of a support question - I can move it to that forum if it's a better fit there...


      We're trying to move from email aliases to using Jive for technical collaboration.  The products we sell and support are all inter-related: product "A" is an IDE, product "B" is an operating system (which you modify/compile in "A"), "C" is the compiler, etc.  This means we have email aliases or distribution lists for A, B, and C.  If someone has a question where they don't know which product is at fault, they send emails to the A, B, and C distribution lists.


      Now...how can we replicate this in Jive?  We'd have internal spaces for A, B, and C...if someone asked their question in "A", could they add either tags or a category to the question such that people who are mostly interested in "B" and "C" would see the question also?


      Put another way...is there a way that I can set my alerts/notifications such that, anytime someone asks a question and uses a specific tag or category, I get notified via email?

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          Hi Jim -


          Unfortunately, I think this may be a feature request question. On Jive 3.0 and 4.0, I don't think there is a way to do this. This would be a great feature for Subject Matter Experts who want to be notified on just one segment (tag/category) of a Space or Social Group.


          We have structured our community with specific social groups for each product. And then one space for questions that span multiple products. I don't think we've had too many issues with folks not knowing which product a question belonged to.


          Sorry that I don't have better info for you. Maybe this is better handled in 4.5 or 5.0?